KornChain is 'Highly Commended' in the Best Use of Technology at the Loyalty Magazine awards, 2019

We are thrilled to have received 'Highly Commended' in the Best Use of Technology at The Loyalty Magazine Awards, 2019. KornChain were also a Category Sponsor of this momentous event that recognises and rewards the true industry inspirations. Growth has been the key theme of KornChain this year and we're moving forward strategically to create a unified network on Blockchain for the marketing industry where businesses can exchange loyalty points inter brand, drive affiliate marketing, issue gift cards and vouchers through a sustainable network that grows organically. Connect with us to make your loyalty currency as liquid as money by making it exchangeable globally.

KornChain opens up new office in Mumbai, India

KornChain is delighted to announce the opening of our Mumbai office. This new location strengthens the presence of KornChain UK/ US and will be a strategic place to deliver our solutions to businesses across the globe wanting to join our LoyalT Exchange Network.

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The KornChain team were out in force at the Master Investor Show on Saturday at the Design Centre in Angel, London.

The KornChain team were out in force at the Master Investor Show on Saturday at the Design Centre in Angel, London. The co founders welcomed delegates to our stand to talk about how our Loyalt platform has the ability to shake up the Loyalty Rewards sector. CEO, Animesh Ghosh took to The Rising Stars stage in the afternoon to showcase LoyalT to the MIS Delegates and Exhibitors. It was a great opportunity to make new connections and share our passion for LoyalT with an international audience.

KornChain is a finalist for the Loyalty Magazine Awards 2019.

The KornChain team are thrilled to announce that LoyalT has been shortlisted as one of the international finalists in the 2019 Loyalty Magazine Awards under two categories,
Best Use of Technology and
Best Use of Communications - including Social Media.

LoyalT, the global loyalty points exchange solution on Blockchain is a multi-domain network that creates value for businesses so that they can reclaim the lost value of their loyalty programs while keeping their business interests intact, and consumers enjoy improved levels of personalisation with its advanced AI capabilities.

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KornChain's KornX Network will Support the New Multi-Currency Gift Card by Tranxactor.

Kornchain are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Tranxactor. Both companies are united in their vision to deliver innovative solutions to businesses and consumers with a closed-loop multi-currency gift card built on the KornX blockchain network, to provide high security, low costs, greater transparency and faster transactions. This partnership will deliver a ground-breaking solution for the gift card sector.  Through our joint market research, we identified that gift cards at present limits the usage of the balance to a specific country or region due to the barriers of converting it to a preferred currency. Tranxactor have designed a new multicurrency closed-loop gift card that uses KornChain's blockchain business network to create transactional efficiencies and cross-border usability. We look forward to sharing more news about this exciting development when we launch it into the market!

intuDigital is working with Kornchain on cookie-less tracking to help with our Affiliate marketing proposal.

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One of the largest shopping mall chains in the UK to leverage KornChain's Affidrive, the affiliate marketing platform on Blockchain.

We are delighted to announce that KornChain has been invited to be a key sponsor at the 2019 Loyalty Magazine Awards. This event ties in with a quarterly internationally distributed magazine that has an online readership of over 130,000 across the loyalty & marketing sectors.Loyalty Magazine is at the leading edge of showcasing the best and newest Loyalty solutions from across the globe. Attendees at the awards include leading international brands and service providers, and we are excited to be one of them this year! Find us on the Finalists Edition of the Loyalty Magazine.

KornChain to present at the Master Investor Show, 2019.

KornChain will be showcasing their LoyalT exchange platform at the Master Investor Show at London's Business Design Centre on 6th April. This event hosts 5000 private investors, making it the largest of its kind in the UK. The KornChain team will be available on our stand throughout the day. Our CEO, Mr. Animesh Ghosh will be sharing a demo on one of the live stages.
We look forward to connecting with you on 6th April!

Data Privacy, Hyperledger Fabric

26th March, 2018
by Sibabrata Banerjee
in Hyperledger Fabric

Ever since I first watched the video “Building a blockchain for business with the Hyperledger Fabric”, I was intrigued by the fact that the presentation discussed both aspects of scalability and confidentiality for a blockchain network at same length within the video, supported by an architectural re-design from v0.6 to v1.0. Overtime, digging deeper and creating my own scenario with blockchain networks with participants, peers and separate channels, it became clear to me what the presentation meant by saying “without passing everything through a central authority” or “one network where everyone working together while ensuring confidentiality, scalability and security”.It’s all to with sub-dividing the problem into modular architecture with peers within the blockchain network de-coupled with distinct roles i.e. “endorser”, “committer” and “consenters”, and coupled with the concept of underlying network having the ability to define and operate separate channel configuration among participants (as per the business use-case) to support private confidential transactions whilst still being part of larger group of participants having public transactions. As the scope of reaching consensus and the involved participants reduces, so does the improvement in scalability with lesser participants having to spend computing resources to reach consensus.ScopeAs one of the developer described within Fabric forum, the scope of data committed with transactions within the Fabric blockchain, as;Channels are at the top when it comes to scopes. You will basically always be doing something at a channel scopeChaincode (or smart contract) is instantiated at a channel scope (but chaincode can be instantiated on multiple channels)Multiple chaincodes can be instantiated on the same channelPeers join channels and optionally run the chaincode(s) which has (have) been instantiated on the channelThe ledger (i.e. the actually hashchain) is kept per channel. So all transactions across all chaincodes within a
channel are written to the same ledgerState is scoped by channel and then by chaincode. So, within a given channel, the state is segregated by chaincodeWithin a channel, one chaincode can perform read/write operations with another chaincode in that same channelA chaincode in one channel is only permitted to perform read operations on a chaincode in another channelIn either 7) or 8), the peer must be having joined all the relevant channels and have all the relevant
chaincodes instantiated for chaincode to chaincode communication to workData PrivacyOne can easily see the number of business use-cases and patterns that can be supported with above mentioned scope for channels and chaincodes among peers and participants governed by different organisations within a blockchain network. This obviously brings various aspects to data privacy.First, you can segregate your network into channels, where each channel represents a subset of participants that are authorised to see the data for the chaincodes that are deployed to that channel. Second, within a channel you can restrict the input data to chaincode to the set of endorsers only, by using visibility settings. The visibility setting will determine whether input and output chaincode data is included in the submitted transaction, versus just output data. Third, you can hash or encrypt the data before calling chaincode. If you hash the data then you will need to provide a means to share the source data. If you encrypt the data then you will need to provide a means to share the decryption keys. Fourth, you can restrict data access to certain roles in your organisation, by building access control into the chaincode logic. Fifth, ledger data at rest can be encrypted via file system encryption on the peer, and data in-transit is encrypted via TLS.In certain scenarios, it may be useful to encrypt values associated with a key in their entirety or simply in part. For example, if a person’s social security number or address was being written to the ledger, then you likely would not want this data to appear in plaintext. Chaincode encryption is achieved by leveraging the entities extension which is a BCCSP wrapper with commodity factories and functions to perform cryptographic operations such as encryption and elliptic curve digital signatures. For example, to encrypt, the invoker of a chaincode passes in a cryptographic key via the transient field. The same key may then be used for subsequent query operations, allowing for proper decryption of the encrypted state values.

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